Service Pack 1 pour le Super King Air B200 de Flight1


Vous avez droit à un bon nombre d’améliorations et corrections dans le Service Pack 1 que Flight1 a fini pour leur Super King Air B200.

Allez directement télécharger l’installeur complet de la nouvelle version ici, ou cliquez ci-après pour des détails sur le contenu (en Anglais).

Message de Flight1 sur Facebook :

The King Air Service Pack 1 is now available for download.

Thank you for your patience as we resolved the following issues listed below.

The Service Pack is the complete installation program, rather than a separate updater program. You will need to go to the King Air sales page and re-download the complete installation:

· Disappearing clicks spots – Fixed 
· Beta sounds volume controlled by FS 
· Autopilot VS wheel click spots and mouse wheel – Fixed 
· Click spots for MFD Controller and AP – Fixed 
· Gear warning horn – Fixed
· Click sounds for buttons and knobs? Fixed
· Turn off copilot PFD – Fixed
· SafeTaxi not working on some systems – Fixed
· Mfd local time calculation – Fixed
· Add a click spot for the round part of the gear handle – Fixed
· Ice vanes retract/extend with battery off – Fixed
· Added LUA support for auto feather and cabin altitude rotary – Fixed
· Coordinated turns – Fixed
· Added tail ice accumulation airframe buffeting – Added
· Sun visors not visible from exterior – Fixed
· Missing camera views – Fixed
· Elevator on exterior model is pitched down when it should be level with stabilizer. – Fixed
· Flap extension times lengthened. 
· LCD glass texture – Fixed
· Correct labels for the ice vanes manual extension – Fixed
· Pull to cage knob on stby attitude ind. missing – Fixed”


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