Orbx FTX Global update 1.10


Si vous avez remplacé les textures par défaut de FSX par celles de Orbx FTX Global, vous serez intéressé par ce qui suit.

La mise à jour 1.10 est prête à être téléchargée, qui vise à augmenter les effets des lumières 3D tout en réduisant l’impact sur la fluidité.

« Changes include:

  • Improved 3D lights that perform even better FPS and more denser Vector Lights
  • Increased 3D lights size by 40% for further view distance and greater brightness (eventually we will release a 3D lights tuning app V2)
  • Edited 3D lights annotation for many urban textures previously missing lighting
  • Added intersection vehicle red tail lights, red/green traffic lights, and neon lights in commercial areas
  • Edits to autogendescriptions.spb to add missing compatibility for some SCO Scotland objects and also missing veg at KWYS
  • New landclass for the USA SW region to eradicate the “green deserts” and also add in the indigenous red desert in that region
  • New landclass for parts of Africa where pine trees are being shown instead of native African trees
  • FTX Global Uninstaller (already released separately) – http://www.orbxsyste…al-uninstaller/« 


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