MilViz 737-200 ADV Service Pack 1


Military Vizualisation a sorti son 737-200ADV il y a déjà trois mois de cela, et il est temps pour leurs clients de bénéficier du Service Pack 1.

Nous avons trouvé quelques détails sur les améliorations via leur page Facebook MilViz. Vous trouverez notamment un nouveau système de pilotage automatique (y compris le mode LVL CHG), mais aussi l’automanette avec le mode EPR, et le freinage auto.

Copie de leur message sur Facebook :

“The Service pack (1.1) for the MV 737-200c is now available. 

The fix list is … well… too long to put here and we’re still compiling it… 

Things that are deffo in are a completely new AP for the SP177, revised FMS, new Navigraph data file set, LVL CHG, EPR, Autobrake and auto throttle systems.

For existing customers, all you need to do is download and install this one… use your key to install it. It is HIGHLY recommended that you have the UIAUTOMATION fix done before you install this as it now uses the newer one. As well, to get the TCAS operational you will have to get to our supoort forums. To do so, please contact,

We, at MV, and specifically myself, would like to take this moment to thank you, our initial purchasers for your patience throughout all this.

Thanks and enjoy!”

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