Majestic DASH8 hotfix version 1.00802

Majestic_Q400_Pilot_350x180Le travail sur le Dash 8 Q400 par Majestic Software n’est pas terminé, ils continuent toujours de l’améliorer, à l’écoute de la communauté qui s’est constituée autour de cet appareil, devenu un incontournable et même une référence difficile à détrôner sur FSX.

Nous en sommes arrivés à la version 1.00802, et la liste des corrections (en Anglais) apparaîtra en cliquant sur « Lire la suite.. »

+ Incorrect altitudes propagation of the LNAV waypoints on the ND is fixed

+ Composite Brakes temperature simulation improved Livery-specific
+ passenger announcements logic fixed incorrect DME receive ranges are
+ fixed BC mode is working added AUTO_RUDDER_FACTOR into the
+ [FLIGHTCONTROLS] section of mjc84.ini. This factor will be taking into
+ account when the autocoordination is enabled in the FSX Receiving
+ range for NDB/VOR/DME adjusted Morse codes playback after “Y” letter
+ fixed Cone of Silence simulation repaired VOR OS mode is repaired

+ Procedural Turns navigation fixed
+ RCL function fixed
+ Manual overfly waypoints selection fixed Overfly flag retrieval as
+ part of the procedure from the database is implemented RNP based NAV
+ deflection is added LNAV turn anticipation logic is re-done Automated
+ activation of VNAV during approach is added VNAV transitions between
+ waypoints with different altitudes will be smoother SIDs will be
+ scanned for runway transitions when presented by the FMS (LFPG case)
+ Fixed Intercept to AF Curve transition Fixed approach course
+ activation timing Fixed VNAV governing within the arc path FAF course
+ will now be set the same as EOA course VNAV will not provide a slope
+ for offset approaches New LNAV algorithm for line to curve, and curve
+ to line transition Fixed the incorrect IAF course for some approaches

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