Vidéo – Lebor Simulation OLBA Beyrouth XP Autogate Preview


AutoGate magic at OLBA XP

Did I hear someone mentioning animated jetways? We adapted and implemented the great AutoGate system (including Jetways + Docking guidance system) on the short Jetways, for now: G8 through G17. The rest of the Gates with the Long Jetways will be added as well. And Marshellers will be included on parking areas / Cargo ramps etc…. All these are smartly controlled with an easy to install plugin. Turn your volume up 😉 Cheers!

Posted by Lebor Simulations on Dienstag, 6. März 2018

Comme beaucoup de simmeurs, nous aussi nous aimons suivre les développements pour X-Plane chez Lebor Simulations.

A Beyrouth OLBA, les auteurs travaillent sur l’animation des passerelles en utilisant le plugin Autogate.


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