29Palms + Captain7 – Nuremberg Trailer officiel


C’est confirmé, la date de sortie de Nuremberg EDDN a été fixée au lundi prochain, 16 juillet.

29Palms Scenery Design et Captain7 ont listé les caractéristiques de cette prochaine scène d’aéroport Allemand :

■ Highly realistic rendition of Nuremberg Airport based on most recent geodata

■ 55km² satellite imagery coverage with resolution up to 20cm/px including all seasons
■ Highly detailed buildings with internal modelling of the terminal and Hangar 3
■ Many SODE features such as:
□ Animated Jetways
□ Automatic season switching
□ Snow and rain layers
□ Animated windsocks indicate wind speed and direction
□ Open / Close FAI gate
□ Runway lights automatically switched on in low visibility
□ Detailed airport lighting including REILs, Running Rabbits and optional Dynamic Lighting
■ Many animated people on the apron, inside and around the terminal
■ Extensive vehicle animations on the apron and the vicinity of the airport
■ Animated tower radar and elevator
■ Static aircraft with proper liveries and registrations
■ Prepar3D v4 SDK conform export of all scenery elements using the latest techniques”

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