MK-Studios – Dublin Patch v1.01

Encore avec l’odeur du neuf et la peinture fraîche, l’aéroport de Dublin (EIDW) pour P3D4 de MK-Studios a déjà une mise à jour.

MK-Studios ajoute pas mal de contenu et corrige quelques erreurs au passage. Tout est listé ci-dessous :

« Changelog V1.01:

– Multiple PBR texture improvements,
– More customization options available in the installer,
– Jetblasts added,
– Added construction area along the taxiway F2 and F3,
– Lamp PBR material problem fixed,
– Animated vehicles added,
– Bay power plant rescaled,
– Improved SODE jetway positions,
– improved AFCAD stand positions,
– AFCAD Stand: 311C replaced with two 311R and 311L,
– AFCAD Stand: 409L added,
– AFCAD Stand: Double 201 fixed,
– AFCAD Stand: Cargo ramp stands on apron SOUTH changed to regular parkings,
– Few mistakes for stand/taxiway naming mistakes corrected,
– Added stopbars for stand 411L,
– Fixed problem where AI won’t take off from RWY 28,
– Improved airport vehicles placement,
– Taxiway signs night texture fixed,
– Ambient occlusion improvements on few textures,
– Tower night texture improved,
– Jetways and other elements divided into two SODE files to allow GSX V2 to deactivate jetways,
– New GSX configuration file modified and redone by CARTAYNA FILES. »

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