A2A Simulations – Mise à jour du J-3 Cub P3D4 Accu-Sim

Comment améliorer votre gestion des sons Accu-Sim, ou améliorer les effets et animations de votre J-3 Cub Accu-Sim dans P3D4 ?

C’est aussi simple qu’un téléchargement, celui de la mise à jour Version , dont les modifications sont listées ci-dessous:

« -Improved performance of Accu-Sim sound playback.
-Added auto cold and dark function.
-Cold start now resets engine oil temperature.
-Cold start now turns off fuel valve and carb heat levers.
-Tuned engine idle.
-Oil temperature less sensitive to outside air temperature.
-Tuned effect of sunshine and cabin heater on cabin temperature.
-Engine warms up slightly faster (based on timed tests on the real J-3).
-Improved the appearance and efficiency of visual effects.
-Improved prop animation during hand start.
-Restored gauge glass reflections.
-Resized ‘overhaul’ button on 2-D maintenance hangar panel.
-Improved various other aspects of 2-D panels.
-Added missing ambient occlusion material setting to engine texture.
-Disabled all avionics in aircraft.cfg except COM1 radio. »

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