FS2Crew – Airbus Pro P3D4 Mise à jour V3.8

Votre addon FS2Crew pour Aerosoft Airbus Professional dans P3D4 a une mise à jour disponible ! Rappelons que cette simulation d’équipage et de procédures réalistes de compagnie aérienne fonctionne tant avec les avions de la famille A320 que l’A330.
Maintenant, connectez-vous à votre compte simMarket et retéléchargez l’installeur complet de FS2Crew Airbus Pro pour en obtenir la dernière version 3.8. Et la liste des correctifs et améliorations est donnée ci-dessous :
« Version 3.8 Change Log:
  • *Fuel Pumps Off in A330 models fixed for the shutdown flow.
  • Flight Director voice command now triggers both FD’s to be off / on.
  • *If performing a Flaps 3 landing in the A330, GPWS Landing Flap 3 no longer selected.
  • *Pack controls updated for the A330.
  • *FO’s now selects his Chrono On when announcing « Takeoff », and Off during his after landing flow.
  • *If using Voice Control, your Speech recognizer can now be set to ENGLISH – US, UK, AU, CA or IN.
  • *Pax boarding sound no longer plays in the 330 model because you can’t hear it from the cockpit.
  • Glide slope deviation call out triggers loosened,
  • *FO’s will now adjust his ND range at 10,000 feet and when reaching cruise.
  • *During the 10,000 climb flow, the FO will select Airport on his side. He will select CSTR during his pre-flight flow, and re-select CSTR on his side during his 10,000 feet descent flow.
  • *During the runway entry flow, the FO will now select Terrain on his side and select Weather Radar on. He will turn off weather radar during his after landing flow.
  • *You can now say just « Below the line » instead of « XXX below the line » in Voice Control.
  • *You can now call the FA by pressing the FWD FA button on the overhead in the 330.
  • *In A330 models, door knocking sound removed when FA brings food/drinks.
  • *1000 foot call during the approach now references the Radio Altimeter.
  • *Now you can « left click » the audio test button to reset audio system if your FS2Crew audio ever drops.
  • *TO trim setting refined, but it will never be 100 percent accurate. »

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