Aeroplane Heaven – DC-3/C-47 Service Pack 1.1

Le service Pack 1.1 est disponible pour les DC-3 et C-47 de Aeroplane Heaven ! Officiellement, ces avions restent compatibles avec P3D V4.5 pour l’instant. Les nouveaux fichiers sont prêts au téléchargement dans votre compte client simMarket.
Pour atteindre la compatibilité P3D V5 officielle, ils attendent des correctifs d’autres partenaires pour l’intégration des GTN, des effets de pluie au parebrise, ou encore des correctifs pour certains effets PBR dus au moteur graphique. 
Liste des changements :
  • 1) Exterior models
    • Landing gear geometry refined and re-aligned.
    • Props enlarged slightly.
    • Missing vents replaced on starboard nacelles.
    • Various texture modifications, particularly to wing/flap areas.
    • Flaps shortened to align with wing trailing edges.
    • Added optional 2k texture installer for slower computers.
  • 2) Interior models
    • Landing gear lever now in down position by default
    • Landing gear safety latch routine adjusted to be automatic on return of gear lever to neutral position
    • Turn/Slip ball animation reversed.
    • Ground Power routine re-coded and a Ground Power three way switch added to left eyebrow panel.
    • Kohlsman cylinder re-calibrated.
    • Cabins added to C-47 cargo and Cargo-clean models.
    • Manifold Gauge selector switch corrected to return to gauges to normal when reset.
    • INOP OAT gauge rectified.
    • Gear warning horn cancel switch added. (Replaces the « Keying » switch on right eyebrow panel.)
    • Sounds added for some levers such as gear and hydraulics and sliding windows
    • Internal cockpit glazing dynamic reflections removed for clearer views
    • RMI VOR Needles ( NAv1 and Nav2) corrected.
    • ADF (Radio Compass) needle fixed.
    • VSI needle re-calibrated.
    • Recognition switch (Blue) animation corrected. (C-47)
  • 3) Flight Dynamics
    • Various adjustments made including fuel burn and drag co-efficients.

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