Aerosoft – CRJ 550/700 pour MSFS sortie du patch v1.0.0.1

Premier lot d’améliorations et de correctifs pour le CRJ dans MSFS: Aerosoft a publié le patch v1.0.0.1 pour affecter les systèmes mais aussi certaines fonctionnalités visuelles ou audio.

Téléchargez à nouveau le programme d’installation complet depuis votre compte client simMarket. La copie complète du journal des modifications est ci-dessous en Anglais :

– Exterior lights reworked (volumetric effects)
– Nav-to-Nav Transfer should now switch to nav source VOR/LOC if just one NAV is tuned to an ILS
– Magnetic to true course correction for localizers
– Added function to delete constraints on the LEGS page
– Added IBEX livery
– Custom glide slope hold function
– GLD system now includes spoiler extension on RTO
– Further improvements on throttle control
– Flight model update for spoiler effects
– Fixed IAS/Mach pushbutton not working on the ground
– Increased « green range » for aileron and rudder trim indication on ED2
– Aileron trim now showing properly when between 40 degrees and sim limit
– Fixed missing « A » in HPA in PFD baro indication
– Fixed a CTD when entering a custom waypoint into and empty ALTN FPLN
– Fixed an endless loop (CTD in MSFS) that could occur when calculating a 180 degree DME Arc or Rad Fix leg
– Fixed a double Lbs to KG conversion on the EFB ZFW page
– Improved throttle control (less N1 drops)
– Fixed COM frequency swap
– Fixed selecting COM frequency into scratchpad on FMS radio page
– Fixed flickering RAM AIR OPEN light
– Fixed mouse wheel direction of HOT/COLD switches
– Removed « roll over » effect from the fuel panel mode knob
– Fixed HGS no longer drawing when unpowered
– PA/CHIME/CALL/EMER animations fixed
– Fixed Yoke trim switches
– Fixed ISI glideslope indication only half of that in the PFD
– Fixed COM frequency display on RADIO page
– Added page index and count to RADIO page
– Fixed ZFW data entry limitation
– Added colored background for active EFB data entry fields
– Added « Parking Brake set » as condition for state changes
– Fixed flight spoiler CAS message
– Fixed « FlightDeck Sounds » EFB setting not saved
– Several fixes to avoid CTDs when selecting arrival without having a departure airport set
– Fixed ZFW direct entries on loadsheet
– Limited ZFW direct entry to the range from MZFW and MTOW
– Fixed a bug which could lead to negative passenger weights
– Refuel Panel stops fueling when parking brake is not set (plus fault light is ON, when attempted)
– Added visual mouse click feedback to EFB
– Reworked colors in EFB
– Several sound volume changes in MSFS
– Fixed APU door opening only 25%
– Fixed yoke stabilizer trim switches
– Added HGS brightness knob animation and clickspots

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